Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Soo Haunted Theatre: Stage Fright Oct 26-27

The second annual Soo Theatre haunting production, Stage Fright, is coming this Friday and Saturday night, October 26 and 27. Directed by Larry McCoy, an expert in all things paranormal, a cast of fifty-plus volunteers has been working all month long transforming the historic downtown theater into a ghoulish playground for the embodiment of dread. Renovations are now complete, and séances have confirmed that the undead are coming.

Monstrosities will be arriving via limousine and walking the red carpet into the Soo Theatre at 5:45 on Friday night and 6:45 on Saturday. Immediately after the macabre inhabitants have entered the Theatre, the public will be dared to do the same. Guides will attempt to keep guests from coming to harm. However, double-checking to make sure that your life insurance policy has not expired is advised. This is not a run-of-the-mill haunting. Guests are guaranteed to witness to things not usually viewed by the public.

All proceeds generated from your courageous participation go to support Soo Theatre Project and Soo Theatre Arts Resource Studios. Explore the depths of your nerves and support the local arts at the same time. Do you have what it takes to survive Stage Fright?


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